In 2017 we will have a McLaren 570S Spider, but before…

it Is easy to imagine a McLaren 570S convertible, McLaren 570S Spider. The similarities of the small Woking with the McLaren 650S facilitate the task of thinking in this alternative cabrio and from own McLaren already put the date, in 2017 what we will have if it is to meet the forecasts, but will first have to be a mystery version more.

Confirmed, in 2017 there will be a 570S Spider… but, what will be the other variant derived from the 570S to be presented in 2016?

In a conversation with CarAdvice Wayne Bruce, director of global communication of the british firm, not only confirms the arrival of an alternative convertible McLaren 570S, but also fixed in 2017 your appearance.

in Addition, Bruce also leaves us with another succulent and confirmation is that the McLaren 570S will have a third variant, a third body style.

This third variant could well be a variant LT, an alternative vocation, and more prestacional, with better aerodynamics, less weight.

At CarAdvice have you asked Wayne Bruce about this possibility… and it has urged 2016 to find out will it be a McLaren 570LT?

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