In 2018 we will see the second generation of Lada Niva… after 41 years of waiting

There are cars that are simply non-combustible. One of the off-road more fireproof in the world is the Lada Niva, which has been in production continuously since the far-1977. The off-road manufactured by AvtoVAZ has barely changed since its origin. The only modifications have centered on its propeller, which for the last few years is electronic injection, instead of carburized. In 2018 we will see the second generation of the off-road soviet par excellence, 41 years after its launch.

The Lada Niva was born as VAZ-2121 with the aim that the farmers and inhabitants of remote areas of the USSR to have a means of reliable transport and able to. Should be simple, robust, and reliable, with the practicality for the flag. It was so successful, that their production has continued to the present day. Or the fall of the Soviet Union made the Lada Niva ceased to be manufactured and sold. We can not deny that it is a product old-fashioned, but old-fashioned in the same way that the Land Rover Defender are outdated.

lada-niva-01-1440pxRemains effective, but engine 1.7-liter 81 HP of power has a specific power ridiculous and its safety in the event of an accident is ludicrous. Their means of production are almost artisanal in comparison with a modern car and does not leave much room to AvtoVAZ as we may think. For this reason, the russians have decided that it is time to renew your icon, best-selling and have begun the development of a second generation, which will be released in a couple of years. What can we expect? Few surprises, that’s for sure.

Is known only the name of the project: Нива-3. A Russian word that means Niva.

Will be a product more mature, more close to the current SUV, but it will remain an off-road simple. You will use a new platform and will be sold in versions of three and five doors. Few details are known about a project whose code name is “Niva 3”, or Нива-3. why Niva 3? Because AvtoVAZ formed a joint-venture with General Motors years ago, which produced the Chevrolet Niva. An off-road look modern and attractive, whose chassis and mechanics are still of soviet origin.

lada-niva-02-1440pxBefore the Niva-3 will be launched on the market, the current Niva – known in Spain as the Lada 4×4 – will suffer some modifications light. It will raise your power for something else and your steering system will be zipped, in instead of the primitive system current. Also suffer some modifications to its chassis and gearbox, but it will still essentially be the same car. AvtoVAZ promises that the “old” Niva coexist with its second generation, at least for a few years. This comrade is a lot of rope.

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