In 2019 we will get to know the new Lotus Elise… and it will be a sporty more “practical”

A new generation Lotus Elise is on the way, a new Lotus Elise of which we had already heard, you already know that you will return to the united States. Now we have new details of this upcoming Lotus Elise, and everything points to its commitment with the day-to-day will be greater.

Recently Lotus has renewed the Elise, you what we have in the article “Lotus Elise Sport and Sport 220 2016: now with less weight… and upholstery in tartan!“.

what Is in danger the Lotus Elise with this next generation?

Auto Express is responsible to warn us of the arrival of a next generation of the Lotus Elise that he would be with us in 2019 and that has already spoken Jean-Marc Gales, CEO of the british firm.

Jean-Marc Gales would have signaled to the british that this new generation of the Lotus Elise would get wedged on a new aluminum chassis, with a weight content clear and dynamic, willing to be a reference.

In aesthetic terms shall not be of a profound change, but it does delve into the idea of make it more practical, more usable in day-to-day, what will mean this idea? Maybe we can find a greater isolation, with a more comfortable and with comfort items, older, maybe a multimedia system.

is Still unknown that we find the charge of its mechanics, we hope to impatient to find out and discover which is the path that will take on that path by having a car more usable in day-to-day.