In a direct classification (pole) of the GP of Abu Dhabi Formula 1


Fernando Alonso: “On the last attempt I suffered a puncture. We were on a good lap”.14:23

DELETED Q1: Vettel, Alonso, Ericsson, Stevens and Merhi.14:22

FINAL Q1. 1, Hamilton (1:40.974), 2nd-Rosberg, 3rd-Perez, 4th Hülkenberg, 5th Ricciardo, 6th Massa, 7th Räikkönen, 8th Kvyat, 9th Button 10th Grosjean.14:21

Button has finished ninth. Alonso has been eliminated by a puncture.14:19

¡Deleted Vettel! Falls the German in Q1. Surprise in Abu Dhabi.

Fernando Alonso lifts the foot on his last flying lap. For the time being, within the Q2.14:18

Last lap to all. It Checkered flag!

Problems for Marcus Ericsson. Of time is removed.14:17

The only pilot that has not come out with superblandos is Räikkönen. The rest required.14:16

Force India is showing a great level. Will not have problems to be in Q2. Williams also progresses.14:16

Nico Hülkenberg is placed third, with the tire superblando. Sainz 5th.14:15

Missing 5 minutes to the end of the session. It is the moment of truth for the riders looking to sneak into Q2.14:13

Daniil Kvyat is one of the pilots is in danger. Carlos Sainz is 15th at the moment.14:12

Jenson Button and Fernando Alonso came out with superblando. Turns very different.14:10

With the return of Jenson Button, all the drivers already have the time. Merhi occupies the last position by the time.

Daniil Kvyat has marked his first time. Seem to overcome the problems of the FP3.

Kimi Räikkonen mark 1:42.700. Placed 1.7 of the Mercedes, but with soft rubber.

Räikkönen is already in your lap.14:06

Nico Rosberg is positioned second. Perez is third with Force India.

Lewis Hamilton marks a time of 1:40.974. Chrono very fast with the superblando.14:05

The two pilots of Red Bull early risers. In Ferrari still have not jumped on to the track.14:04

Daniel Ricciardo is the first driver to lap. Your time 1:43.401.14:03

it is Surprising to see Hamilton and Rosberg with the superblandos input. Bet by the soft in the race.14:02

Lewis Hamilton already out of the pit. Time to warm up tires.14:02

¡Green Flag! Starts Q1.14:00

Will Stevens has a 5 places penalty. Is the only driver penalized.

Hamilton and Rosberg depart once more as the top favorites to the pole.13:56

the fall of The sun causes the drop in asphalt temperature and changes in the level of light.

The qualifying session is a delicate moment of the weekend. It competes in the full sunset.13:54

¡there are Only 10 minutes away!!! The classification of the GP of Abu Dhabi is waiting for us.

In half an hour to dispute the final rating of the season in Abu Dhabi. Don’t miss out on anything!13:30

we tell You minute-by-minute ranking of the Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi, in which riders will try to get the best starting position possible for the race on Sunday. Nico Rosberg comes in with a run of five poles in a row, and you want to get the sixth, which would match the best brand of drivers such as Schumacher, Prost or Hamilton. Precisely the English will be the main rival of his companion. Although it is still widely the rider with most poles this season, leads since September without achieving a, and your goal is to get it into this urban layout to finish with good taste in the mouth, a golden year.

In fact, the three-time is, together with Sebastian Vettel, the driver with most pole positions (two) in the Yas Marina. Others who have gotten out since the first place there are Mark Webber and Rosberg. Mercedes has in their hand to equal the best record of pole positions in a year: Red Bull in 2011, and themselves in 2014 and got 18 out of 19, and if Nico or Lewis get it in Abu Dhabi, will have reached the same number. How can someone prevent that from happening? Don’t miss out and follow it here, with our comentarios.