In a direct classification (pole) of the GP of Austria of Formula 1 2016

Pole position GP Austria

We will have a Q3 with joint conditions, at least during the first few minutes. The water falls with some force.15:01

Deleted Gutierrez, Wehrlein, Grosjean and Alonso, plus Perez and Sainz, who have not shot.14:56

¡it Starts to rain! The pilots get to the pits, unable to improve their times. It puts an end to the Q2.14:55

In the area of removal, Gutierrez, Wehrlein, Grosjean and Alonso. 4:30 to the end.14:52

off the track for Jenson Button, who is going through the gravel before returning to the track.14:51

Vettel in third, 3 tenths of Hamilton. After Ricciardo, fifth, Bottas on Räikkönen, Verstappen and Massa.14:46

¡1:06.228 Hamilton! Vueltón of the british, who beat Rosberg by two-tenths. Ricciardo 1:06.9, the third.14:45

Ferrari has told its pilots that rain is expected during Q2. The pilots rush to roll.14:44

¡Begins the Q2! Meanwhile, Sainz has commented to the media that the engine is broken is not a new unit.14:42

Carlos Sainz and, except surprise, Sergio Perez will not take part in Q2 for their problems in Q1. Golden opportunity for McLaren.14:38

¡END OF Q1! Deleted Magnussen, Palmer, Haryanto, Kvyat, Ericsson and Nasr. Wehrlein goes to Q2 sobrado.14:36

¡Sainz broken engine! Yellow flags, this is the end of the Q1.14:34

For the moment, Magnussen, Palmer, Haryanto, Ericsson and Nasr, more rugged Kvyat, are out.14:33

Accumulation of cars at the exit of the pitlane when you re-launch the session.14:32

The session remains stopped with 1:44 on the clock. The pilots will have the opportunity to give one more round.14:25

Another judgment of suspension, the second of the day resulting in an accident. The pianos are not forgiving today.14:21

The Russian pilot has been gone over and has a broken rear suspension. Is OK after an accident very strong.14:19

¡Wehrlein sets the ninth! And accident tremendous of Kvyat!14:16

Vettel has fallen to just 71 thousandths behind Rosberg. The sanctions dominate Q1 by now.14:15

Grosjean, Kvyat, Ericsson, Wehrlein, Nasr and Haryanto occupy the positions of deletion for now14:14

Rosberg improves the time of Hamilton, makes a 1:06.690. Verstappen and Bottas slip between the Ferrari, fourth and fifth.14:12

Complete back of the Ferrari. 1:07.030 Vettel, 1:07.250 Räikkönen14:11

Perez returns to his box at low speed. It has broken the rear suspension-left!14:09

Sainz, meanwhile, improves to a 1:08.104, enough for the eighth position. Alonso is not out yet.14:08

¡First 1:06 in the Red Bull Ring! Hamilton lowers the fastest time to a 1:06.947. Will we see a 1:05?14:08

1:07.419 for Felipe Massa. Williams is more in your sauce at the Red Bull Ring.14:07

Perez ends up 6 tenths on your first attempt, 1:07.677. Sainz is sixth provisional, 1.6 seconds.14:06

Hamilton begins big, with a 1:07.014, best time of the weekend.14:04

All mounted ultrablandos to start. No one plays it.14:03

In principle, the rain should respect the entirety of the session, according to the weather reports.14:02

¡Q1 IN MARCH! 18 minutes to designate the primros six deleted.14:00

Niki Lauda just confirmed that Mercedes will mount an enhanced suspension, after the incident Nico Rosberg.13:59


Get strapped in for #Quali in Austria #AustrianGP #F1
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we Recall that both Nico Rosberg as Sebastian Vettel have had to replace his gearbox, and will be subject to a penalty of five positions on the grid. Therefore, Lewis Hamilton and Kimi Räikkönen are the favorites for the pole, with the permission of the Red Bull.13:44

¡Good afternoon! In less than half an hour it will start what promises to be an exciting classification. A greeting of Adrian Fernandez, who will accompany them throughout the session.13:35

For the third year in a row since his return, the hills of Spielberg, a picturesque region central, welcomes you to the cars of Formula 1 to the dispute of the Grand Prix of Austria. The qualifying session has as main ingredient the penalty Nico Rosberg. The German pilot will lose five positions on the starting grid due to having to replace the gearbox following his crash in the last free practice, so his streak of fourteen first lines, consecutive shall end.

Thus, the pole position will be a affaire between Lewis Hamilton and a Ferrari that have been shown to be very strong in the Red Bull Ring, and that could give the surprise. And is that the short lap time of the circuit, that could hold even a 1:05 in classification, there leaves little room for error. Red Bull and Williams will try to take advantage of any neglect to fishing positions of grill, like a Fernando Alonso that has shown to be competitive in the free in the morning. Carlos Sainz, for its part, will have to row something else in this circuit. You’ll be able to follow the qualifying session here, in, told minute by minute.