In a direct classification (pole) of the GP of Mexico of Formula 1

Pole Mexico

Alonso says that television networks the aim of the day was to prepare for the race, focusing on the rain forecast for tomorrow.20:24

1 Nico Rosberg (06) 1:20.436 s
2 Sebastian Vettel (05) 1:20.503 s +00.067
3 Lewis Hamilton (44) 1:20.808 s +00.372
4 Valtteri Bottas (77) 1:20.817 s +00.381
5 Daniil Kvyat (26) 1:20.826 s +00.390
6 Carlos Sainz (55) 1:20.960 s +00.524
7 Sergio Perez (11) 1:20.966 s +00.530
8 Max Verstappen (33) 1:20.995 s +00.559
9 Daniel Ricciardo (03) 1:21.166 s +00.730
10 Marcus Ericsson (09) 1:21.299 s +00.863
11 Nico Hulkenberg (27) 1:21.315 s +00.879
12 Felipe Massa (19) 1:21.379 s +00.943
13 Kimi Raikkonen (07) 1:21.422 s +00.986
14 Pastor Maldonado (13) 1:21.520 s +01.084
15 Romain Grosjean (08) 1:21.577 s +01.141
16 Fernando Alonso (14) 1:21.779 s +01.343
17 Felipe Nasr (18) 1:21.788 s +01.352
18 Alexander Rossi (53) 1:24.136 s +03.700
19 Will Stevens (28) 1:24.563 s +04.127
20 Jenson Button (22) 55:55.555 s +54:35.11920:20

The Spanish McLaren is eliminated next to Nasr, Rossi and Stevens.20:20

Sainz ends this Q1 sixth, with Alonso ten positions further back.20:19

Alonso improves but remains outside! 1.3 Rosberg.20:19

The Lotus in danger waiting for what do Nasr and Alonso.20:18

Alonso improves your first part, see if you can confirm your improvement at the end of the turn.20:18

right Now, Nasr, Alonso, Rossi and Stevens are deleted.20:17

Rosberg lowers the time of Vettel with soft, but only by 67 thousandths.20:16

Alonso takes up only one square, still remains outside for the moment. Heat over those soft tyres.20:16

Perez gets into the top 5, Verstappen after he.20:15

Only Hamilton will refuse to use the soft compound. Very sobrado English.20:15

Sainz is sixth, while Alonso is 17th provisional even without scoring a time with soft.20:14

Vettel chains for order a good lap and placed first with soft. Hamilton three tenths with media.20:13

The Lotus is put up. Grosjean seventh and Maldonado eighth.20:12

Vettel aborted his second attempt while force your tires to take temperature.20:12

Vettel has not had a good start and is 16th. In his second attempt, has failed in one of the braking. Wheel with soft.20:11

Raikkonen puts sixth, Vettel still has not scored time.20:10

riders who are extending their stints are getting more out of the tires.20:09

Bottas continues to improve in his third fast lap, now, three tenths off Hamilton.20:08

Improvement Hamilton, the first to go down to 1:20.20:08

Bottas improves and is placed half a second of Hamilton. Ricciardo fourth on his first attempt.20:07

Costs that the tires get temperature, so it is common to see that the best times are achieved in the second or third round.20:06

Alonso in the back and… placed eighth.20:06

Hamilton picks up the remote, going down to 1:21.397, Rosberg behind him to 221 thousandths.20:05

Bottas is placed first with 1:22.622, followed by the Toro Rosso.20:04

Times very discrete for the time being, with the Sauber with the soft tyre as a reference.20:04

The crowd roars before the arrival of Perez at the stadium. the mexican starts his flying lap.20:03

Begins Q1.20:00

Raikkonen will be able to exit to classify, but it will do so with a penalty of five places after replacing the gearbox.19:59

The temperature has risen around 4 ° C, with respect to the free 3, that may help to improve the grip of the track. 19:56

it Will be pending weather. At this time the track is dry, but it is not safe to go to stay well during the three sessions of qualifying.19:53

In the session of free 3, the adhesion problems have continued to give many headaches to the pilots.19:49

on the other hand, Honda has just announced that Jenson Button will not participate in the session after not being able to resolve their engine problems.19:44

Raikkonen had to stop on track in free practice 3 after suffering a failure related to leaks. The mechanics work to have the Ferrari repaired at time.19:43

One of the unknowns in these minutes prior to the classification is to know if Raikkonen and Button will be able to participate.19:41

In 30 minutes starts the qualifying session of the Grand Prix of Mexico19:30

Up to four tests, Lewis Hamilton was in numbers to beat all records of rankings. However, since Italy does not know what that is get a pole. First Vettel (in Singapore) and then Rosberg (in the following three great prizes) removed the possibility of overcoming the mark for most poles in a season, which will continue to keep Vettel at least one more year. The Ferrari will try to be the first ‘poleman’ of the renewed circuit, the Brothers Rodríguez, and adventure as the first rival of the Mercedes, where the recently crowned three-time will try to come back out in first position and your partner adding his fourth pole position in a row.

As has become customary this season, the order of grill you will get in rating will not be the same as in the race, because some riders are penalized for change of engine. It is the case of McLaren, with Alonso getting 15 positions of punishment to replace the power unit and the gearbox, and Button with 20 posts of sanction by double change of propellant. Sanctions aside, it enjoys a ranking of Formula 1 in Mexico 23 years later. We will tell you every minute of the three runs as always, here, in our live. Don’t miss it.