In a direct classification (pole) of the GP of Monaco of Formula 1 2016

Pole position GP Monaco

TOP 10 Q3: Ricciardo, Rosberg, Hamilton, Vettel, Hulkenberg, Räikkönen, Sainz, Perez, Kvyat, Alonso15:15

Fernando Alonso has only been able to be tenth, but it will come off ninth after the penalty Räikkönen.15:14

Excellent laps from Nico Hulkenberg, fifth, and Carlos Sainz, seventh. Will sixth.15:13

Rosberg has improved to the final, but falls to a tenth. Vettel fourth.15:12

Hamilton loses pole lap in the third sector, is a third one! POLE position FROM DANIEL RICCIARDO15:11

Hamilton is still rolling, but it seems that he is lacking in power15:08

Hulkenberg has surprised in his first attempt to beat the Toro Rosso. Is fifth.15:06

While, Sainza has marked the sixth best time, 6 cents better than Kvyat. Alonso P815:05

¡Rosberg is 3 tenths of Ricciardo! And Hamilton goes to the track!15:04

¡1:13.622 of Ricciardo! The Ferrari’s are left to a second15:03

¡HAMILTON IS STANDING IN THE PIT LANE! Power problemsus mechanics bring it to a garage15:00

¡START Q3! 12 minutes to set the owner of the pole14:58

The improvements in Force India seem to have taken effect, with the two drivers in Q314:58

— Formula 1 (@F1) May 28, 2016


Williams, meanwhile, still with his horrible streak here. In his 3 years with Mercedes, he has never been in Q314:54

For the second GP followed, Alonso enters Q3 after a great return.14:53

¡Ends the Q2! Deleted Bottas, Gutierrez, Button, Massa, Grosjean and Magnussen14:52

¡Rosberg improves to Hamilton! By only 13 thousandths.14:51

Massa follows his team-mate. The rest are still on the track trying to get to Perez in Q314:50

Bottas gives it as impossible and gets in the box when you lack a minute.14:49

¡Ricciardo second with superblandos! 3 décimaa of Hamilton, 1:14.314:48

Bottas and Massa improve, but do not fall in the top 10. Monaco will swallow Williams.14:47

A replay shows that Rosberg had touched the same guardarrail with the impact Verstappen.14:47

In danger 4 minutes from the end: Button, Bottas, Grosjean, Gutierrez, Magnussen and Massa.14:45

The difference between Rosberg second and Vettel, fourth, is 64 mils. A lot of equal up.14:44

Kvyat is a few thousandths to get fifth. Alonso ninth, 1:15.114:43

After the top 4, Toro Rosso. Sainz and Kvyat have made it 1:14.8, the Spanish slightly ahead.14:41

Hamilton returns to lead the charge, 1:14.056. 4 tenths to Rosberg, Ricciardo and Vettel.14:41

¡Q2 underway! 15 minutes to pick the 10 contenders for the pole.14:36

— Formula 1 (@F1) May 28, 2016


Alonso has continued to capitalize your game of ultrablandos and has obtained the tenth best lap.14:29

¡Ends Q1! Deleted Ericsson, Palmer, Haryanto, Wehrlein, Verstappen and Nasr.14:29

Alonso makes a second back something better with ultrablandos. 1:15.8, P1214:26

Alonso makes a modest 1:16.0 that makes it go up to P13.14:24

It announces an investigation to Kevin Magnussen by skipping the output light of the pit.14:22

the session resumed at 6 minutes from the end. In danger Palmer, Wehrlein, Haryanto and Alonso.14:21

Verstappen had touched the guardarrail in the first apex of the chicane, breaking the suspension14:19

¡ACCIDENT VERSTAPPEN! He went wide in the second chicane of the swimming pool.14:17

Ricciardo remains in 1:14.9, 3 tenths of the best time. Sainz sixth, 1:15.414:15

¡VETTEL! 1:14.610 of the German, bat by two tenths to Hamilton, who had just improve.14:14

Sainz is ninth they scored a 1:15.9. Alonso comes out now to track.14:13

Hamilton brand the best time, 1:14.831. Rosberg to 0.042, Vettel 0.41914:11

slow Times until now, the traffic is the big concern in Q114:10

Interestingly, Fernando Alonso is the only one that does not come out to shoot next to Red Bull and Toro Rosso.14:08

the session Is resumed. Only had been two minutes, so that are 16.14:06

The engine of Nasr has started to smoke at the exit of the tunnel. It is an arduous task of cleaning.14:04

¡Broken motor Nasr! Red flag.14:03

The Mercedes have been quick to exit at the group that waited for the traffic light, next to Williams, and a Manor14:01

¡STARTS Q1! 18 minutes to eliminate 6 cars.14:00

In the hunt for some Mountain Magic. The time is now! #MonacoGP #F1
— Red Bull Racing (@redbullracing) May 28, 2016


much of that competition will come from Red Bull. How will Ricciardo or Verstappen his first pole?13:50

Mercedes have today more competition than ever to get the pole, even though they are still favorites13:46

The options of Ferrari, therefore, rests on Sebastian Vettel, who led the last free13:39

whatever you Do today, Kimi Räikkönen will lose 5 positions on the grid to change the gearbox.13:36

¡Good afternoon! In half hour will start the qualifying session of the Monaco Grand Prix. Greets Adrian Fernandez.13:31

45 minutes to start the qualifying session of the Monaco Grand Prix13:15

The qualifying session of the Monaco Grand Prix arrives preceded by great expectation after the tremendous equality that had been perceived in the free practice sessions, between Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull. The German team seems to have been diminished their advantage in the twisty streets monegasque to the lower preponderance of the raw power, beneficial to Ferrari, and the good chassis of a Red Bull that aspires to everything.

are Not, by the assumptions, the unique foci of attention of a ranking that may hold surprises, in particular if there are yellow flags in the final moments. Toro Rosso has been very solid at all times and points to a good result in Q3, with Force India and Williams as the main competition. On the other hand, the sensations in McLaren have gone from less to more, after Thursday’s disheartening, and it is expected to discover the real potential of the car into a spin. All of this live live and what we will have here, in is.