In a direct classification (pole) of the GP of the united States Formula 1

Pole (GP USA)

whether or not the track to go out, there are streaks d wind q reach to 13m/s q may not allow the operation of the medical helicopter
— Albert Fabrega IS (@AlbertFabrega) October 24, 2015


Less than 30 minutes to the start time of the qualifying session of the GP of the Unique, the weather conditions are more adverse than in the morning session of free.19:33

Lewis Hamilton looking for proclaimed three-time world this weekend. You want to put the first stone to do this by getting the pole, that would be the number twelve to achieve this year. You are in numbers to match the record of Sebastian Vettel, and therefore not have to fail in any of the four that remain. The own Vettel will try to stop him, although if he does it will not help much, since it has a penalty of ten positions by change of engine. Also he will fight for from their partner Rosberg, the other pilot that may prevent Hamilton crowned in Austin.

the Circuit of The Americas celebrates its fourth edition, number 37 of the united States Grand Prix. Still with us, in our direct, all that happens in the path in texas. We tell you the three stages that will decide the order of the grill almost in its entirety, penalties aside. Can anyone stop Lewis?