In a direct classification (pole) of the Singapore GP of Formula 1 2016

Pole position GP Singapore

Kvyat is the only driver that will make only one attempt in Q1. All to the track to try to improve. 1:50 ahead.16:09

Räikkönen sits third to 9 tenths. Sainz and Alonso placed 6th and 7th, 1.9 of Rosberg.16:04

¡1:42.584 Rosberg! Beat Hamilton by 7 tenths. Ricciardo to 1.1, Verstappen to 1.216:04

¡Begins Q3! 12 minutes to find a poleman.15:59

The delay will help to Race Direction to investigate to Pérez, who, apparently, has managed to your time without lifting with the double yellow flag.15:49

Is delayed to Q3 of 10 minutes to undertake repairs to the barriers damaged by Grosjean.15:48

The flag has come of pearls to Alonso to get into Q3. Also it has gotten Daniil Kvyat.15:46

Button he remarks that he has touched wall, and this has corrupted the address. The british will come out 13th.15:45

Eliminated in Q2: Bottas, Massa, Button, Gutierrez, Grosjean and Ericsson.15:44

¡Alonso has put in Q3! The Spanish had already past the area of the accident before it occurred, and has scored the 8th best time.15:43

it has Also been left out Button, who has stopped his car with a rebound. . Grosjean has come out of the car by his own foot.15:42

¡Crash of Romain Grosjean!15:41

Úlitmo minute, all on track looking to improve. Alonso on his flying lap.15:40

At this time, would be outside the Button, Perez, Gutierrez, Alonso (1:45.6), Grosjean and Ericsson.15:34

Ricciardo remains in 1:43.9. 1:44.1 Verstappen and Räikkönen. Sainz fastest of the rest, to 3 tenths.15:33

Rosberg is displayed with a 1:43.020. Hamilton to the fastest time, four tenths later. 1:44.4 Sainz15:31

they All come out with ultrablandos, with the exception of Red Bull, who takes the initiative and puts superblandos.15:30

¡Begins the Q2! 15 minutes to close the top 10 that will fight for the pole position.15:27

the image of The car of sebastian Vettel “of three wheels”15:23

¡Ericsson gets into Q2! Removed Magnussen, Nasr, Palmer, Wehrlein, Ocon and Vettel15:20

Kvyat and Button are dramatically improved. Will be a thing of the Renault15:19

Vettel opens up a plaza of salvation to any of the deleted common. Does Kvyat, Palmer, Magnussen?15:18

Vetel is not going to be able to repair their problems to time, it is removed!15:16

In the absence of 5 minutes, they would be deleted Magnussen, Nasr, Ericsson, Wehrlein, Ocon!… and Vettel!15:14

The anti roll bar could be the problem of Vettel. Meanwhile, Ricciardo crushes the chrono, 1:44.25515:12

Vettel, 21 today, he says that there is something that does not work in your car. Missing 7 minutes.15:11

¡Räikkönen first! The finn is the first to go down of 1:45. Verstappen is 72 thousandths.15:10

Alonso gets the 3rd, only two tenths of a modest lap of Hamilton. Sainz 4th to 3 tenths.15:09

Button ends up to 1.2 Hamilton in his first attempt. It’s not a bad time coming from a few free disappointing.15:07

Rosberg does not have a first round very clean, and makes a 1:45.3. Hamilton improves, 1:45.115:05

Everyone starts with their first game of ultrablandos, except Manor, which begins with the soft.15:03

¡Begins Q1! 18 minutes to discard the 6 slower riders of the grill.15:00

ready To start the action. The night has already been devoured by entire Marina Bay, it’s time to roll.14:59

We saw some thunder during the race support of TCR. There are No major rain forecast, but the teams have in mind.14:47

¿You missed the last free practice? Don’t despair, the chronicle of David Sánchez de Castro account all lizards included: Red Bull hurries the pulse for the pole position to Mercedes14:39

¡Very good afternoon! Welcome to the transmission of the classification of the Singapore Grand Prix. Here we will tell everything that happens in Marina Bay. The keyboard, in order to serve them, Adrian Fernandez.14:32

The same as it was last season, Singapore promises to provide a scenario atypical of the rest of the season, although perhaps not as marked as in 2015. So far, the free practice sessions have not moved to Mercedes of the first positions, but the proximity of their rivals is greater than ever, and Brackley have not been exempt from problems, the whole time Lewis Hamilton has suffered so cute with the brakes in Free 3.

Nico Rosberg will have a good opportunity to make a difference if everything goes well, but the Red Bull, and especially Max Verstappen, have been shown to be in great shape, and will seek to discuss the pole. Ferrari also had such claims, but its drawback seems closer to half a second. Behind, Toro Rosso has caught the front rail of the middle zone, and the competitive times Carlos Sainz invite you to think of a good qualy. McLaren, on the other hand, seems to suffer with tyre temperatures, so that Fernando Alonso and company are to be applied if you want to reach Q3. All of this will be counted in a direct here, from minute to minute.