In ABT do not rest and now they present us with their TT RS-R


The new aesthetics of the ABT TT RS-R gives the coupe German a stunning presence

The main trainer of German on the brand of the four hoops returns to the charge with another specific view of one of the most athletic models: Audi TT-RS. I already talked about two other models with which the brand will invade in the Geneva motor show 2017 as ABT RS6+ and the ABT R8. Now the trainer shows us another beast: the ABT TT RS-R

With this new modification ABT has created a matagigantes, since the car has a maximum power of 500 HP and a maximum torque of 570 NM. Recall that the TT-RS series brings about as crazy 400 HP and a maximum torque of 480 NM, so that the trainer presents us with a performance extra 100 HP and 90 NM of torque. All this is achieved with a perfect optimization of the engine 2.5-liter that equips the Audi originally.

Again, as is the case with the ABT RS6+, this will be a new limited edition of 50 units for the whole world, which we do not believe that taking a long time to sell, especially, if we look at their renewed aesthetic, much more aggressive and with a few additives of carbon fiber that will feel like a glove.


The ABT TT RS-R, seen from behind, stand out of its 4 exhaust outlets new batch

Aerodynamic Kit exterior:

  • Insertion of front grille ABT logo TT RS-R
  • front Lip
  • Faldón front ABT
  • wheel Arch ABT
  • Flics front ABT
  • Covered mirrors to ABT
  • side Apron ABT
  • Cover of the duct of the gas ABT
  • rear Apron ABT
  • rear Spoiler ABT
  • Dual exhaust on each side.

of course, each and every one of the pieces named, are manufactured in carbon fiber, which gives this car an aggressive added. To this we must add a wheels of new design with a size of 20 inches painted in gloss black.


a Few leaks that insurance will give us deafening moments for our ears.

If we take a look at the inside we can make it clear that ABT has focused on its renewal and dota as well in the coupe of a a sporty look spotless. These are some of the renovated parts in the interior:

Kit inner:

  • Leather single ABT
  • Panels of the doors with the name TT RS-R
  • unit Number 1/50
  • Mats ABT logo TT RS-R
  • on/off Button with redesign ABT


When you open the door of this TT RS-R know that you’re facing something very beast

All this spiced up with a cushioning sports and a few stabilizers-specific for the model that will surely make you not want to get off of this beast in no time.

ABT announces to us all and each of the pieces that you can incorporate to this TT-RS are available for sale individually, and was thus able to transform our coupe with tranquility and selecting the pieces that you like.

Along with the ABT SQ7, a preparation made on the Audi SQ7, complete the catalog that the manufacturer will disembark at the Geneva motor show. In 2 days we will be able to give you all our impressions live from the show swiss.


full Catalog of coach for the impending Salon of the Car of Geneva 2017