In addition to hybrid technology plug-in KIA promises a hydrogen car for 2020

From KIA we have already been warned of the arrival of a new SUV hybrid who have been baptized as KIA Niro. We will see it become a production car next year but also the Korean company warns us that in five years we will find ourselves also with a model moved by a mechanical hydrogen.

In 2020, the range of products calling “green” will be 11 models.

The hydrogen fuel cell seems to be the great revolution in mechanics for the next few years, a revolution has been led by the Toyota Mirai and that is to be followed by not a few manufacturers such as Honda, Audi, Mercedes or BMW.

KIA is not going to stand on the sidelines and has already announced that in 2020 there will be a series production car inspired by a mechanics of this kind, announcing himself as a production of around 1,000 units per year ready to increase to the extent that the demand.

The Korean manufacturer points because even at this mechanics of hydrogen will have an autonomy of 800 km with only one charge and you will be able to drive a car until the 170 km/h.

This dedication on the part of KIA towards new propulsion systems, the performance in the new mechanical hybrid, the arrival of the thrusters of hydrogen, will have an impact on the creation of 7.300 new jobs in the group, posts that the majority will be linked to the area of R & D as well as in centers of production.