In addition to the heat, August is triggered by the renting of cars in a 45,7%

matriculaciones en europa contract hire seems like the spaniards. This is apparent from the data that has left August in this sales channel. To have it clear, the renting (centered in the car) is the lease of a car during a period of time determined with a number of miles certain. Once this time and mileage have been achieved, the vehicle owner must consider three options.

first, and more comfortable, it would be deliver the car to the dealer where you purchased it, and renew it for another. This situation would be ideal for the brand, as in the course of three or four years has sold a couple of cars, but rather, the other way would take between six and eight years. The second option would be to deliver the car, thank mark for his services and attentions and does not acquire a substitute for the car. And the third option (it is not normal but it may be the case) it would be acquire the vehicle that we had in the regime of renting against payment of the residual value or guaranteed future value of our car.

Coches nuevos campaThis mode of purchase traditionally was directed to the companies. However now you want to implement also in the channel individual customers. The purpose of looking for the marks is the paid for the use of the well in function of the needs of the customer and make more convenient the purchase and maintenance of our new car.

If we stick to the data, during the first eight months of the year, the renting of vehicles accumulates a growth of the 16 percent (this data is include all types of vehicles). This growth represents 139.800 units against the 120.380 that were recorded during the same period of time in the year 2015. This rise is led by the companies with 20.1 percent and 99.520 units. The rest of the units are spread between individual customers and fleets heavy vehicles.

If we focus on the individual customers, the lease cars and all terrain reached in August a rise of 45,7 percent registering 7.700 units compared to the 5.260 August 2015. According to the car brands, the market that over growth you can have a medium-and long-term is the of the individual customers and for this reason they will not launch offers succulent for customers to bet on the renting rather than the traditional purchase.

Source – the Spanish Association of Leasing and Renting (LEA)