In anticipation of the new Volvo XC60 2017 with several teaser, will debut in Geneva

Volvo XC60 2017 - teaser

So it will be the look of the new Volvo XC60 2017.

The presentation of new Volvo XC60 is just around the corner. In a matter of a few days he will live his particular debut in society during the Geneva Auto show in march 2017. During these recent times we have come to count on all about the development of the new generation of the SUV Swedish. However, now that his debut is about to happen, the manufacturer we anticipate some details through various teaser.

Although it is something that we had already anticipated in the spy photos of the Volvo XC60 2017 that we published during these past few months, you will be equipped with new headlamps with the characteristic shape, called “hammer of Thor”, a seal of the brand in all of their new releases. Its design will be heavily influenced by the rest of the family SUV of Volvo. And in particular, for the Volvo XC90.

The new generation of the XC60 will be in line with the latest releases of the Swedish brand. Give a qualitative leap in technological level and technical concerns. In its interior, the new Volvo XC60 will adopt the new design philosophy of the brand, while it will improve the quality of the materials used and the finishes. The interior shall convey warmth, simplicity and a lot of elegance/exclusivity.

Volvo XC60 2017 - teaser

giving a glimpse of the silhouette of the new XC60 from Volvo.

With respect to the outgoing model, the new Volvo XC60 2017 will be at the forefront of its industry in technology. Incorporate a huge screen that will dominate the center console as well as a new dashboard is totally digital. And if that weren’t enough, we’ve got the latest driver assistance and infotainment system developed by Volvo.

Going to the section mechanic, the engine range will be composed of blocks of four cylinders, both diesel and gasoline. All of them Drive E- last generation that will offer some very interesting features along the levels of consumption and emissions very low. There is also information that speak of a new hybrid variant plug-in.

As well we said at the beginning of the article, the implementation over the new Volvo XC60 will take place in the Geneva 2017 the next month of march. More specifically on the 7th of march. A few months after his debut in the event and will go on sale at dealers in europe. We will remain vigilant for if you give more details or filter out new data before the specified date.

Volvo XC60 2017 - teaser

The new Volvo XC60 will have the characteristic “hammer of Thor”.