In BMW UK have gone crazy and you can now buy a BMW i8 in a bunch of new colors

Initially, BMW opted for a palette of colors really sober for the BMW i8 (see proof of BMWW i8), elegant tones, nothing garish and very consistent with the image of the future aseptic. Neutral tones, a blue like the color more bold… until came the BMW i8 Protonic Network and opened the way to options more daring. Now, from BMW UK comes to us a thought-provoking and colorful proposal: BMW individual you want to put a little color to your BMW i8.

In the United Kingdom have been sold 1400 BMW i8 since its launch in 2014:

In this way, the british subsidiary of BMW breaks with the discrete colors available originally to put at our disposal a catalog of colors in which tones appear as the “Java Green”, “Speed Yellow”, the “Solar Orange”, the “Frozen Grey” and “Frozen Black”, the san Marino Blue, Grigio Telesto Pearl or Twilight Purple Pearl or what is the same, the possibility of decorating our BMW i8 with a tone purple, orange, yellow, green,…

Why is this new range of colors? BMW UK points to the success of the BMW i8 Protonic Network as the main culprit of this insanity, chromatic.

This new deal chromatic is associated only, for now at least, to the british market. We have the BMW M4 on CS, they can choose the tone of your BMW i8 from a range far more generous color, how will come to other markets, Spain, this palette of colors optional?


Gallery of images of the new colors available for the BMW i8: