In Brazil ensure that production of the Chevrolet Celta is coming to an end


Some media say that the production of Chevrolet Celta coming to an end in Brazil. This is indicated by some suppliers following the arrest of Order parts for the veteran hatchback.


Chevrolet-Celta-Advantage-1 M hile some time we know that General Motors already thinking about a replacement for veteranísimo Chevrolet Celta, Brazilian media indicate that production of hatchback would be coming to an end . The news follows the information supplied by various suppliers of parts for GM who indicated that production scheduling sent by General Motors stopped suddenly.

The Celtic veteran could have left the assembly line of Chevrolet.

That meant a cut to order parts from suppliers, aimed at Chevrolet Celta . One of those suppliers chose to consult the American brand, and ensure that told that the production of Celta had ended , but for the moment this information will not been public, as the company has a large inventory of ready to deliver vehicles.

The information, poured by the Brazilian website News Automotivas, realize that the idea of ​​General Motors is the ability free up their assembly lines to increase the production of the pair Onix / Prisma Two models are selling very well in Brazil.

Although there is still no official information about it, the idea does not sound so far-fetched considering the sales figures of Onix during the month of March was the vehicle best seller in Brazil, able to overcome those who seemed unbeatable: the Fiat Palio and the Volkswagen Gol.





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