In-Car Delivery: Volvo allows the delivery of packages in the trunk for the Black Friday


Volvo In-Car Delivery will make delivery of messaging in the trunk of your car

Volvo launches the first service of receiving packages in the trunk. This is not the first time that we talk about this idea, but the swedes have been pioneers in bringing it out from today in the city of Gothenburg, the second largest of Sweden. The messenger will be able to access the trunk of the vehicle to deposit there our package zip.

this Is a new service for the vehicles connected available for all clients to Volvo, the city pointed to the service On Call. The system allows us to do an online purchase and we receive it in our vehicle wherever you are. The messenger will have a key for temporary access for a single use to open only the trunk, will locate the vehicle, make the delivery and notify the owner.

Is very useful for those days of massive purchases such as the Black Friday that is about, or the dreaded christmas time in which the shops are congested. The service is now active in Gothenburg but will be extended to the rest of Sweden and other european countries.


it is Currently available in Gothenburg, but it will come to other european countries

Christmas is fun -but let’s be honest, they are also some dates are very busy for most families. This service only makes purchasing easier, ” said Bj√∂rn Annwall, Senior Vice president, Marketing, Sales and Service at Volvo. “Volvo In-Car Delivery provides a concrete proof that the connectivity technologies of the automobile can be used to save time to the people and make your life easier. “.

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