In Competition: a Duel of icons crashes at base of drift: Mustang vs Lamborghini

It has become fashionable to that of seeing two models of the mythical face face-to-face in abandoned places and almost post apocalyptic and hit a skid. We saw it a few weeks ago, the Nissan 370Z in a shopping center lost of the hand of God in the united States and what we see now in this particular Lamborghini Murcielago 650 HP (built neither more nor less than by Prodrive) vs Ford Mustang 550 in the Russian village abandoned of Niigata.

Daigo Saito has released his bull with a V12 engine and rear-wheel drive with one of the men franchise of Monster: Vaughn Gittin Jr. and the brutal block 5.0 L V8 of your Ford Mustang. The light show gives the final touch to this new production of the signature energy drink u.s. that have become the hallmark of these shorts his section of the engine in a perfect way to continue promoting your name to the length and breadth of the planet.