In Competition: Carlos Sainz ‘leaves’ the Dakar due to problems with the gearbox

Until here came also the edition 2016 of the Dakar that such bad luck is to hold our representatives. First it was Nani Roma and Joan Barreda who fell and today he has touched the turn of Carlos Sainz. The madrid, that was placed yesterday leader after achieving his second stage victory, has had to stop at the end of the tenth stage due to problems in the change and now must wait for the arrival of the attendances to be able to in principle be towed to the bivouac or try to change the box in situ.

According to Juanjo Lacalle, manager of Carlos Sainz, the problem in the Peugeot 2008 DKR16 #303 has been the breakage of the casing of the change, something that has finished burying the options for the winner of the Dakar in 2010. Along with his co-driver, Lucas Cruz, facing which, perhaps, was the decisive stage of the four remaining to reach the goal of the Rosary. Opening track, and without the drawn of the bikes to mark the way, Sainz has lost a lot of time at the start of the special to get lost and prick one of your wheels looking for the WP1.

In the absence of knowing if you will be able to stay in the race even if you already with remote chances of victory, the main problem that may prevent Sainz is towed it is at the breaking of the housing change, the rear suspension, which is anchored to the casing of the gearbox, may have been compromised. There is even the possibility of that change has been galling for the loss of the oil. Despite Lacalle gives it as abandonment, Peugeot Sport has confirmed that the attendances are going towards the place in the Sainz and Lucas are arrested. With 20 minutes already lost in one of the WP, this makes it even more difficult to fight for the victory if it finally gets to stay in the race.

Update: According to Peugeot Sport, the problem is located in the spacer between the gearbox and the engine. Still waiting for the assistance to assess the damage and try to stay in the race.

Update 2: Peugeot Sport has just confirmed that Carlos Sainz and Lucas Cruz are being at the moment (22:22) towed by a truck toward the finish of the special.