In Competition: coming up, big changes in Formula 1. But why Ferrari has asserted its right to veto?

Prepare your popcorn, because we are approaching a thriller of firms as a long time that we didn’t see in Formula 1. After that during the Grand Prix of the united States is desvelase unofficially the possibility of using an engine of 2.2-liter biturbo from 2017, the International Federation of motor Racing has released a press release this Monday. He says little, but enough to leave a bad Ferrari.

In the press note released by the FIA explained that at the last meeting of the Strategic Group presented proposals for the reduction of costs and standardization of parts, adopted by a majority of those present but vetoed by Ferrari, in virtue of its right of veto over any regulatory amendment, as recognized in the Covenants of the Concordia. Among other proposals, the FIA, spoke set a maximum price for engines and gearboxes for client computers.

The maximum international body declares that it will not litigate in court against Ferrari, but will launch a debate among all the actors involved for the launch of a separate motor available from 2017 and with the so that you have a much lower cost to that of the current thrusters. That is to say, a motor is technically simpler than the current 1.6 turbo-hybrid, but that through some kind of compensation statutory (oh, there we have the arrival of the Balance of Performance to Formula 1!) would compete as an equal to the equipment smaller.

The statement did not avoid releasing a phrase blunt to frighten: “(FIA) invites all the teams to positively contribute with their proposals and actions to the success of this project, in the interest of the championship and their survival”.

Photo | Ferrari