In Competition: Duster seems, Amarok: a new example of the weren in competition

make No mistake, competition is worth ‘almost’ everything to win. If the trap does not exist, it invents and if not we only have to look at Toyota and Celica ST205 from 1995 which was eventually disqualified from the World Rally championship by riding a clever triquiñuela allowing your turbo breathe more strong and had a extra power or nitrous oxide in Fast & Furious. However, that of the Renault Duster and the Dakar 2013 may be the most blatant of these movements ‘little’ lawful.

The argentine version of Autoblog performed yesterday a great find while curioseaban by a well-known web-of-sale of second-hand articles. Between electronics and exercise equipment without use, we find the Renault Duster official who competed in the 2013 Dakar thanks to the support of the representation blanquiceleste of the signature of the rhombus. The car was developed by the well-known owner of Baratec and Oreste Berta, and was piloted by Emiliano Spataro that she was not able to finish the test.

The more observant will have already seen that in the reference of the vehicle is not listed Renault Duster 4WD, but it appears the name of the pick-up of the competition, Volkswagen Amarok. Apparently, and as with other private projects such as the Polaris with the body Smart that she was not able to compete in the Dakar rally, the Duster that competed in 2013, only , had a Renault that, the silhouette and the name, while all the mechanical part belonged to the Amarok, with an engine 2.0 TDI and a manual gearbox of six speeds.

And that it is obligatory to sell a vehicle and advertise it while respecting their technical characteristics. Therefore, you can get a Proto Duster with mechanical Volkswagen for anything less than € 60,000 and with 9,000 miles only at the counter. Homologated to compete in raids, possibly one of the cheapest options to do this and with the reliability that gives the German engineering… If Mitsubishi does it with the V8 in the Aston Martin, why not going to do Renault?