In Competition: Formula 1 returns to Spanish Tv! But only fleetingly…

After TV3 announced the agreement to issue the Grand Prize of Spain of Formula 1 and the abstracts of the remaining citations of the Formula 1 World championship in 2016 it was only a matter of time that come to light, the television channel responsible for complying with the law and issue the home run. Well, will be RTVE, who have those rights announced The 1 on the News 1 this Monday.

After thirteen years in private tv-networks beyond the incursions of some of the independent channels, the Formula 1 will return to TV in 2016, issue of the GP of Spain (qualifying and race) in 1 and summaries of an hour in Teledeporte within a few hours of the dispute to each race of the World. The Formula 1 comes to join a coverage engine that has been growing in the last few months with the issuance of the Formula E, the World Superbike or many national competitions.

In any case, Movistar will continue to be the only way (to be strictly legal, wink, wink) follow all the World of Formula 1 live in Spain this year. To whom it may concern, Movistar is trying to see approved for Competition a package of channels F1 and MotoGP for 10 euros per month.

Photo | Pirelli