In Competition: Hall of The los Angeles 2015: the Porsche Cayman GT4 Clubsport samples the clutches

we Were keen to see the paints that I had and we have finally come out of doubt. The Cayman GT4 Clubsport Porsche has presented today in the Auto show of Los Angeles, and has done so with all the strength that usually comes with Stuttgart in all their releases relating to the competition. With an engine of 385 HP, this ‘toy’ central motor promises to make passing very good times to everyone who decides to get behind the wheel.

is that with the positive impact that it was the Cayman GT4 among the general public, you couldn’t waste the perfect chance to have your own version of competition. The engine 3.8 liters of German origin, seems to be enough to move the 1,300 kilograms that mark on the scale the Clubsport. The weight distribution is perfect, with the engine just behind the cockpit, makes this car a true weapon in the circuit helped by his for a box of six-speed gearbox with camshaft behind the steering wheel and transmission with double clutch.

in Addition to the address and a differential mechanical developed especially for the competition, the Cayman GT4 Clubsport inherits many parts of the front axle and the rear suspension of the 911 GT3 Cup (adapted to the characteristics of the GT4, a car whose handling on the track has always been a benchmark within the world of the GT s. As always, the section of the brakes has always been one of the strong points of Porsche, counting in this case with brakes 380 mm of steel, with clamps brakes aluminum six-piston front and four-piston rear.

there is No lack of electronic aids for the less experienced pilots, being able to regulate ABS with twelve different programmes, and an ESP adapted to the slick tyres. All this to allow you to enjoy every time you enfundas the balaclava and the helmet. In addition, there has been lax security, to be attached to a full cage accompanied by a backet with belts of six points. Between private parties optional extras on the Clubsport is the possibility to equip different versions of tanks of fuel depending on the use that you go to give (the standard is 90 litres, with options of 70 0 100 available). The price is about 110,000 euros without VAT and is expected to be approved for competitions such as the VLN race at the Nürburgring or the Pirelli GT3 Cup american.