In-Competition: How would a modern car rally championship in the classic version?

Carwow it has been proposed to make our dreams reality. During this time, we have shown their refreshing designs how would be the models that would be used by the protagonists of Star Wars, Mad Max or Jurassic Park if they decided to renew its fleet, but this time they have gone a little bit further and have decided to touch the hearts of many fans at the rally. Have decided to make the cars current classic version.

Some as Lancia Delta in version Stratos, The Audi TT Quattro S1, the Renault Alpine with the bodywork-modern, the Volkswagen Touran version Dakar or the Mercedes S-Class in version Network-Pig (300 SEL), are absolutely amazing and let us see how they would shine those cars that we are currently in the street with part of that philosophy that had the Group 4.

Something more unlikely it is for us to see this particular Ford Mustang, RS200 Group B, or the Porsche 911 remembering old hits 959 race with which even came to glory in the Dakar rally, something unthinkable for a sport such as Stuttgart. Less successful, at least in my opinion is FIAT 500 Abarth, but what is certain is that it is difficult to see a competition car ‘credible’ on these bases so small. For now I will simply seeing these demonstrations of creativity. Do you like the most, do classic version or modern?


Via | Carwow