In Competition: hybrids are still not made hollow at the races

Already is. You’ve read the headline and you thought that I was crazy. That how can I say that if the cars of the Formula 1 World are hybrid for more than half a decade. And that in the 24 Hours of Le Mans if you’re not going with a hybrid don’t you take a seat. As I will say again. motorsport is giving back to the hybrids, a reality on the road that does sell many more cars to the brands that the electrical that both ground seem to be gaining in our sport.

is Worth, we have in Formula 1 and in the Endurance World (in reality only in LMP1 and only if these come from the factory), what about the rest? We have from time to time and any invention that allow you to run in any test of endurance, as happened with the Porsche 911 GT3R Hybrid, or the less successful Nissan ZEOD RC, or in raids, and the exception of the Super GT japanese. It’s over. Incomprehensible: in the end F1 and LMP1 are no more than prototypes, and will always be more easy to identify with the product to selling a tourism or a GT.

Is usually to claim that the hybridization bulking budgets and complicates life for private teams. Can. But more complicated seemed to be riding championships all-electric and there we have it. Also the turbo was the enemy of the private teams in Formula 1 in the early eighties, and hey, you have finished asserting itself. What is absurd is that having the technology available to go across the street with she refuses the possibility of putting it on the track. Here is the Honda NSX GT3 capado by regulation. In fact it is the example that I have been pushed to write.

why are so afraid of a hybrid car in a regulation GT3, which precisely is characterised by equalizing artificially the performance of the vehicles? What truth is so complicated that a championship from brands like the DTM mount a standard system? what If the World Rally championship has taken a step to build machines faster and unsaleable, leaving the market of the private to the R5, to what they expect to open the hand with the hybrids? Overall, more expensive, and boring is the return of the center differential.

And what bothers me the most is that a competition car hybrid MOLA. Although I am a sick person and do not shy away from anything, I understand that had been who had misgivings about the Audi R10 diesel Le Mans or the SEAT León that campeonaron in the World of passenger Cars. I admit that the 4×4 circuits sounded to heresy, after the attempts of Audi in the eighties and nineties and the escalating costs of the DTM without the four rings. I even had to accept the avalanche of critical comments that we receive every time we happen to publish something about electric, as most are still slow compared to combustion vehicles and, yes, already, make little noise. But a hybrid system only allows the junk to go faster!

Hala, I’ve taken the pill, and calm. Fortunately in my family we have attending psychiatrist.

Photo | Porsche