In Competition: is Fernando Alonso without motivation?

asturian it hurt him a lot the phrase that Johnny Herbert about the motivation. Possibly one of the most has hurt the champion lately though is already accustomed to being in the mouth of all after his time at Ferrari, and the following return to the by now failed project of McLaren-Honda. You’ve hurt, that during the last week Fernando Alonso has dedicated himself to speak very clear, to make clear that your motivation remains intact.

Good example of this has been an interview Sky Sports, in which Alonso dispatched to the taste and makes it very clear that is still seeing himself as one of the best drivers of the grid, but the best. According to him, it may not be the best individually on the different facets which you must control a Formula 1 driver, but yes, it is the most complete of the grill and you believe that with the same car, would be able to win the rest.

I Always have the confidence to beat anyone. I do not believe that to be the best at pure speed when it comes to qualifying, I don’t consider myself the best in rain or dry. But if I put it in the same car, at the same time and in the same circuit as any, I think I could beat them. I don’t have remorse. Do not regret anything of what I do. You learn things, grow with them and at the time in which to take the decisions it seemed to me that it was the right time.

it has been nearly three years without a win, 11 points in 20 races… but no, the truth is that Alonso was not seen without confidence or motivation. The triple crown must wait, at least until you decide to if you want to accept the renewal that, in principle, McLaren is about to offer to the end of 2017. As long as you follow having fun riding…

you’re Always saving tires, fuel, energy… Is the opposite of your instinct. I hope that the coming year is to return to a style of driving more normal.