In Competition: Is Overrated? How much have you earned each pilot in the F1 in relation to the points gained this year?

how Many euros it has cost to get each point in this F1 season? The question has something of a trick, but what is certain is that if we attend to the salaries received by each driver, and the points earned this season, we can get an idea of what some people call the pilot “overrated”. You do not need to be fortune-tellers to infer that Fernando Alonso is the head of the list in that peculiar count, while Max Verstappen is the last, and jan is same scheme, the pilot most undervalued.

This was what it cost each point the teams in 2014. Take a look and see the differences.

I love these lists that don’t mean absolutely nothing, but that they get to monopolize the attention and the curiosity of the public. To decide that a pilot is overrated because it assumes X million and get And points is quite… let’s say peculiar, depending on the pilot. It is logical to point out because is not the same to talk of Pastor Maldonado, which of Fernando Alonso or Jenson Button. But, as in all things, in this list there is something of reason. Let’s first look at the list according to Bleacher Report:

Pilot Euros per point annual Salary (€M) Points 2015
Fernando Alonso 3,181,818.00 35 11
Jenson Button 625,000.00 10 16
Pastor Maldonado 148,148.00 4 27
Kimi Raikkonen 120,000.00 18 150
Sebastian Vettel 100,719.00 28 278
Romain Grosjean 78,431.00 4 51
Nico Hulkenberg 68,966.00 4 58
Lewis Hamilton 65,616.00 25 381
Sergio Perez 51,282.00 4 78
Nico Rosberg 41,925.00 13.5 322
Felipe Massa 33,058.00 4 121
Marcus Ericsson 22,222.00 0.2 9
Daniel Ricciardo 16,304.00 1.5 92
Valtteri Bottas 14,706.00 2 136
Carlos Sainz Jr. 13,889.00 0.25 18
Daniil Kvyat 7,895.00 0.75 95
Felipe Nasr 7,407.00 0.2 27
Max Verstappen 5,102.00 0.25 49

What is certain is that in Bleacher Report have focused to see which pilot has been the most profitable in terms of salary vs points, while in Fox’s approach has been the other way around: how are expensive the drivers for the output that they get? Seen this way, that way, Fernando Alonso is the most expensive because each point of yours pays 12 times the salary of Max Verstappen, Verstappen is the one that best converts because for 250,000 euros takes 49 points, which are in turn gold in terms of budget for the year 2016, for Toro Rosso.

The case is that not only we speak of conversion points, and the salary of a pilot should not be that way: the salary has to do with the potential and the value of the pilot, and with the points as it is logical, but it depends on the phase of the career of each one. Tomorrow we will see Verstappen multiply their earnings, while Fernando Alonso does not lower the salary (already have it under contract). I don’t want to excuse anything, just Alonso she still has to finish the cycle with McLaren Honda to be able to know if it is overrated or not (and the first year does not play in your favor).

anyway, yes that is expensive, yes. Yes, Pastor Maldonado, if you look at the listing in detail, is the most overrated of among the riders who are pocketing 4 million euros per season, and must not leave or even your computer: look at Grosjean.

As we see, the approaches are very different according to who provides the information, from the irrelevant, going by the curiosity, following by curiosity. You, what do you think of this?