In Competition: is The action most unsporting of motorsports?: the Rossi vs Marquez on four wheels

While HRC and Yamaha are still pulling tackle to try to explain who had the greater part of the blame in the action between Rossi and Marquez, dampening the Grand Prix of Malaysia and ultimately, the outcome of a season 2015 which was still quite exciting, it is time to take a look at the possibly the most unsporting of motorsport. Took place in 2012, in the Circuit north american, Sonoma and more than one will believe that everything is a-mount.

In particular, the track I came through the Twitter account of @Pereira_FC that he wanted to share with all of us which is possibly one of the lances with less explanation of the history of the competition within the four wheels. In particular this is Lloyd Read the that after going to lead the whole race of the Star Mazda at Sonoma is with an opponent who is about to overtake him on the last lap.

from there the situation is so far-fetched that seems more out of a video game that a run of single-seaters, with triangles of suspension torn off, address broken and a car riding through the hood motor of the other. And for you, What is the most unsportsmanlike within the motorsport?