In-Competition: it may be that the circuit is more peculiar to the history of motorsport

few days Ago, the pilot rallies the australian Molly Taylor recently published that I was going to compete in the 1,000 kilometres of Palanga with other pilots in lithuania and also gave him more importance. My surprise has come today when I’ve seen posted by fellow Jalopnik some screenshots and I have seen which to me is the path of racing more particular and strange that I’ve known in all my years following this wonderful sport. Do not you curious?

And is practically out of a chapter of ‘Alert Cobra’, the circuit used for this test of endurance traverses a highway, with their entrances, gas stations, highway service areas, and even islands. Obviously, with the spaces so narrow and car participants that are from the old Frameworks to the ubiquitous Porsche 911 GT3, the touches are inevitable. This, without a doubt, the circuit most rare of the history of motorsport, even more than they did recently, the organizers of the GRC in an air base of the u.s. Navy.