In Competition: McLaren shows us with his MP4-X do you see the future of the Formula 1

Woking have decided to follow the path marked earlier by Red Bull and Ferrari showing us how they see the future of Formula 1. McLaren has presented this morning its concept, called the MP4-X, showing how it would be a single-seater without the current constraints of design to which they must be subjected to the regulations of the FIA. The british, like the men of energy drinks have included all kinds of technologies, among which is the back of the ground effect and elements of the aerodynamic active, something which is already included into your car and street.

The MP4-X still has the hybrid technology, helped by solar cells that will surely help your current problem at the time of recharge the batteries of the KERS. In addition you might take advantage of the technologies of induction in order to receive a plus power similar to the movies Tron or the video game F-Zero. In terms of security, re-appear the concept of the dome closed, a system that in principle is not studying for the current cars. Since then, does not differ too much from the prototype made by Adrian Newey for the Great Tourism which seems to have marked the pattern to follow for the rest.