In Competition: Mercedes-Benz wants to have Robert Kubica in 2016, will we see the Polish in the DTM?

has made it clear on several occasions, Kubica wants to return to try the feeling of driving in a circuit, be an official of the factory, and the return to a scenario in which you have grown so much as a person as a pilot. With the option of continuing in the rally open, but this time in the form of program reduced in WRC or WRC2 (category in which he already was champion in 2013), the Polish has already received their first offers to return to the slopes.

With the option the Formula 1 is very difficult because of the limitations suffered by the Polish in his right arm which has virtually no mobility in the elbow and in the hand, everything seems to point towards the passenger cars or the GT s. In the past, Kubica has already rejected an offer to compete in a test of the WTCC behind the wheel of one of the Citroën C-Elysèe TC1 officers and even tested the new Lamborghini Hurricane, the trophy brand for a few test private. However, the DTM seems to be the favorite choice.

In particular, it has begun to speculate about the possible offer of Mercedes-Benz to Kubica for this pass to be a part of one of the teams in the Championship German Touring car. The signature of the star would be delighted to give the seat of the current champion, Pascal Wehrlein, in the case of the teutonic finally confront its step to the Great Circus. Robert himself has proved in the past a unit from the DTM, just before deciding to try the luck in the World Rally championship. Now it seems to be the most plausible for a Kubica, who has seen his inspiration has fallen behind numerous varapalos suffered this season in the WRC.

Update: nearby Sources have confirmed that there is interest in the DTM, but for the moment, there is a small options home on it waiting to know the future of Wehrlein and the dance of pilots between the different teams. The WTCC happens to be the cto. circuits with more ballots, but considering that there is nothing official for the moment.