In Competition: News RFEdeA: R5-FIA, less flange for the GT, they reach the Maxi Rally, CM+…

After the last general assemblies and boards of directors of the Royal Spanish automobile Federation, the highest governing body of our country has given to know through their web page some of the news that will affect the national contests in the next season, in particular at the technical level. And yes, in the championship more often, the National Asphalt, there will be a new attempt to balance benefits between the tenors.

After denying the request of a pilot, whose name have not been revealed officially, retouch, specifically, the size of flange is allowed in your car, the Federation announced that from 2016 the R5 will have to compete under specifications FIA, to remove the Group R5 RFEA. In front of them, the GT, as a curiosity from now on also allowed on gravel rallies, will be subject to a reduction of the power by means of flanges on the intake “to equalize the chances of victory of the different vehicles of category 1”.

The other big news in regards to the tarmac is the acceptance of the MaxiRally, vehicles of argentine origin, and that for many months had sounded like possible imports in the face of the Championships of Spain. Even though until December the RFEdeA will not know all the details, the press release of this week anticipates that the R5 FIA will be the reference to follow in terms of performance, marking, predictably, with a minimum weight of 1.360 kg (with crew) and a maximum power of 250 HP.

Not only is there news in terms of the Championship of Spain Rally championship Asphalt, because of the face of the Earth federation announces the timing to the tenth, to avoid trouble as the controversial victory of Rocket in Lorca 2014, and the possibility that the organizers of each test, decide to organize a shakedown prior to the dispute of his rally. In addition it creates a Cup in the Rear if some brave decides to bring a GT or we see some old BMW’s on earth.

finally, also have reported changes in the contests of All-Terrain, Mountain and the new championship ‘multidisciplinary’. The E1 and E2 of the latter contest will receive modifications for its adaptation to circuits, while the current CM of the mountain will be restricted by the regulations, opening up a new category called CM+, which will use motor bike of up to 1,500 cc. In regards to the All Terrain, the news is not so much in cars as in the format of the tests, for opens the possibility of including in the calendar, drag racing and circuit similar to the 24 Hours of Paris or of Fronteira in Portugal.

Via | RFEdeA
Photo | Miguel Fuster