In Competition: OFFICIAL: Formula 1 returns to the format of classification 2015

there Was unanimity among the teams and has not been made to wait for the announcement. The International Federation of motor Racing has been posted a few minutes ago the decision of the World of Formula 1 return to the format of the classification of the last season with immediate effect. Or what is the same, in the Grand Prix of China next week we will have again the classification split at Q3, Q2, Q1 with deletions when the time is up each one of them.

as stated in the press release of the FIA, both Jean Todt, as is Bernie Ecclestone have decided to support this measure due to the request unanimous of all the computers in the grid of the Formula 1 and for the sake of the interests of the championship, which substantiates the idea that the teams had threatened as a measure of pressure not to accept the new proposal performed by FIA and FOM this past weekend in Bahrain, something that would have kept the qualifying session by elimination, which had not finished to convince any of the parties.

As has already been advance, they will all work from now on to design a system that meets all of face to the season 2017.