In Competition: on The day that Fernando Alonso led a Group B

This weekend, one of the questions most repeated is why Fernando Alonso does not compete in the Race of Champions. The spaniard long time ago that is not present on the ROC, but it is also true that the double champion was able to discover the best era of this competition, which was contested on a circuit of earth in the Canary islands against other pilots of Formula 1 and the flower and the cream of the WRC.

has Not been the only flirtation of Alonso with the world of rally. The golden years of Renault also gave him the opportunity to be able to test some of the historic gems of the department of competition of the signature of the rhombus. Among them, that it is possibly one of the cars of Group B’s most beloved and longed for: the Renault 5 Maxi Turbo.

A very young Alonso spoke of what to him was a very old car, nice and powerful, car-Jean Ragnotti did fly over stretches of asphalt in the World with their little more than 900 kilograms of weight and 350 horsepower all ‘back’. If yesterday we talked about the backdrop of the pilots of the WRC with the Formula 1 single-seaters, it never hurts to see some of the examples that are contrary. Perhaps is not the most showy of the evidence, but surely the wealthy remember him with a smile.

Bonus clip: Fernando Alonso in the ROC with a SEAT Cordoba WRC