In Competition: Possibly the Volkswagen Golf competition, the more radical of the planet

The mountain we usually give away cars racing alternative. From the most spectacular trays to the more powerful prototypes on the basis of as alien as the BMW 1-Series, going through drive circuits such as the Audi A4 DTM and the Nissan GT-R GT3 that enjoy your retirement in the mountain. A discipline to which many are oblivious to and that we leave to competition pure and simple, man against the machine, the road and the timer.

Within this framework we find the so-called Volkswagen Golf R Turbo E1 500 BHP of power that competes in Italy with Karl Schagerl to your steering wheel. Possibly the Golf R competition of the most extreme on the planet. You just have to see, but those big flares that come out of the exhaust and the way of dealing with the areas fast. The inherited decoration from the Volkswagen Polo R WRC prototype will feel like a glove to this car that has become a luxury for the senses.