In Competition: Renault increases its budget for Formula 1 in 2016

One of the big unknowns about the season 2016 Formula 1 is to see what you are capable of the Renault team in their year of return to the premier class in the quality of official team. It does so on the basis of the Lotus, that in 2015, used Mercedes engines, and in 2016 will -logically – to the thrusters French. By now, Cyril Abiteboul already warns that they will have quite a bit more budget now than last year when the team was known as Lotus.

And should be a break for the whole team, because in the last few races of the year, the debtors made that in many cases workers do not have access to the garages, the cars, the motorhomes, the hospitalities… an end of year complicated for all of them. As will also be complicated by the start of 2016 at a technical level. The car of the next season he began his design thinking in the use of a Mercedes engine so that the change brought unexpected changes that you may have to deal with.

The own Abiteboul suggests that the Formula 1 has come to a point where it is not attractive to the manufacturers unless they can control the whole car. Otherwise, the team can blame easily to the engine and the reputation of the brand will be damaged, as happened in the case of Red Bull -it may be that the exception is Honda, but their results do not support it-. Part of the problem is that investing money in the chassis of today is easier to invest in the power unit.

For this reason, evolution of the aerodynamics is physically easier to evolve an engine with lack of power -although you have to use more money for it-. But in any case, Renault will not sets her sights on the 2016 but that it does so in the following year. Are aware of that to win, you can not trying to impossible. The next year will serve to reinforce your position, re-learn “how to ride a bike” and try to fly in 2017 with the new technical regulations. It is not impossible but… what will they do?