In Competition: Stories of the Dakar: the pillerías of Stéphane Peterhansel

Monsieur Dakar is not only considered one of the best drivers of the rally-raid, both in two and in four wheels. The French, in addition to flaunt an incredible speed, able to put even in trouble at the two drivers from the WRC as Sainz and Loeb, is also one of the best know how to read the dunes and, therefore, has a great advantage in the stages of navigation. However, Peterhansel has also been made famous by their pillerías or stratagems with the sole aim of all is worth to get the victory. In the end, 11 tuaregs give to much.

Yesterday the team X-Raid accused the Peugeot 2008 DKR16 #302 having refueled at the stage of yesterday, something that was permitted for the riders of bikes and quads, but that was not enabled in the case of cars. In this case, the Sven Quandt, former team of Stéphane, accuses his ex-pilot have stopped at km 180 of the stage to take fuel, something that specifically had prohibited the ASO in the briefing of the previous day.

This strategy is not the first time relies on Peterhansel. Has already been accused in the past of fuelling in the middle of stage , and even to change the engine of his bike in a mysterious way and hidden. Without going more far, in 2014, the polemic with Nani Roma led up to the last moment. In X-Raid, they imposed team orders to ensure the victory and allow the Spanish to do with her so-longed-for victory in the car category.

The Catalan, who had come up to the middle of the second week being the clear leader found that Peterhansel did not respect these team orders, and while Nani lifted the foot, the French launched the attack, even to take the lead, finally it would be Rome that would come to the finish as winner of the Dakar 2014, but in the faces of the pilot and co-pilot, as well as in the rest of the team, reflect the tension experienced during the last few days.

In 1993, Peterhansel also had another of its high points in terms of strategies to win the race. In this case, the confrontation arrived with another spaniard, Jordi Arcarons, one of their great rivals in the stage on two wheels. The marking of close that I was submitting the pilot of Cagiva Monsieur Dakar came to desesperarle and forced him to take a strategy bit sporty. Questioned by a journalist in French where was the CP, and after doing so told Arcarons that there was no pitch Control. They remained together, but Peterhansel simulated mechanical problems with his bike left to escape to Arcarons. After losing sight, Stéphane would turn around and return to the CP, while Jordi was penalized with several hours to have jumped the said obligatory point of passage.

Paris-Tangier-Dakar: a Duel against Arcarons and I choose to miss to skip a CP, then I give it a half turn and pass by the CP. You are assessed a penalty and will not get to recover the time lost…

In 1995 Arcarons would try to return it the claim that Peter had received outside assistance when you have used a hammer to straighten a piece of your bike. The French would be penalized with a few minutes, long enough for that the Spanish language was put in the head of the race, but finally Monsieur completed the comeback and left to Jordi again without the dream of getting a Dakar.

Granada-Dakar: I’m going to the head, but I make a mistake when refuelling. Arcarons claim and I was penalised with 15 minutes. I feel discouraged, but in black Africa attacked the most during a whole stage, and carry out 20 minutes of advantage. The balance tips in my favor that day…