In-Competition: strong Leader. Nico Rosberg takes victory important for Russia

Russian Grand Prix 2016 it started the worst way for the interests of Sebastian Vettel, which suffered a series of blows that ended up sending against the wall, in addition to lead to the exit of the Safety Car. Ahead, Nico Rosberg was running away while Bottas and Raikkonen were fighting, and with a Hamilton, who won five positions before the Safety Car.

After the resalida by the Safety Car the race began to be defined in a circuit that was not expected, great action, but the possibility of a good portion of wear and tear, mechanical, on everything from brakes. Career focused, once stabilized in to see if Hamilton was able to reach out to Rosberg after he got rid of Valtteri Bottas and Kimi Raikkonen.

behind, Fernando Alonso in an authentic state of grace reached the sixth position, an achievement that we value in every dimension, given that so little favourable that it is the circuit to the chassis and the power unit Honda, while Carlos Sainz accumulated setbacks one after the other, to suffer once more on Russian soil.

Max Verstappen starred in a stellar career until his engine said enough and Red Bull, for its part, suffered so cute in this track after you have left China with a podium.

Will have to analyze the circumstances of the incident of the first lap by Kvyat, a situation that makes sparks fly on the relationship between Kvyat and Vettel, and that’s sure to bring us a few headlines.

Nico Rosberg comes out of Sochi as a strong leader, flawless, unattainable for the moment, despite the fact that there are still 17 events of the world. As they say, a less.

Classification – Grand Prix of Russia in 2016

Pos Pilot Stops Difference Turns
1 N. Rosberg Mercedes 1 53
2 L. Hamilton Mercedes 1 25.022 53
3 K. Raikkonen Ferrari 1 31.998 53
4 V. Bottas Williams 1 50.217 53
5 F. Massa Williams 2 74.427 53
6 F. Alonso McLaren 1 1 turn 52
7 K. Magnussen Renault 1 1 turn 52
8 R. Grosjean Haas 1 1 turn 52
9 S. Perez Force India 2 1 turn 52
10 J. Button McLaren 1 1 turn 52
11 D. Ricciardo Red Bull 2 1 turn 52
12 C. Sainz Toro Rosso 1 1 turn 52
13 J. Palmer Renault 1 1 turn 52
14 M. Ericsson Sauber 2 1 turn 52
15 D. Kvyat Red Bull 2 1 turn 52
16 F. Nasr Sauber 1 1 turn 52
17 E. Gutierrez Haas 2 1 turn 52
18 P. Wehrlein Manor 2 2 turns 51
19 M. Verstappen Toro Rosso 1 DNF 34
20 S. Vettel Ferrari 0 DNF 1
21 N. Hulkenberg Force India 0 DNF 1
22 A. Haryanto Manor 0 DNF 1