In-Competition: The beauty of the Carrera Panamericana 2015 in pictures

few months Ago, on the occasion of the finals of the Global RallyCross in Montmeló, we had the opportunity to share a table and tablecloth with Antonio Zanini in his restaurant in Viladrau. One of the questions that came up during the meal was: What career would you like to run again? What the Champion of Europe 1980, we responded almost without hesitation: the Pan-american.

Every year, on the other side of the pond, a large number of crews behind the wheel of the most incredible sporting classics come together to tackle a route that it usually takes in cities such as Oaxaca, Chiapas, Mexico DF, Guanajuato, or Veracruz. More than 3,000 miles in seven days traveling on roads with different types of pavements and behind the wheel of cars that sometimes exceed the 600 BHP of power.

Carrera Panamericana we can divide them into timed sections (with the route closed to traffic) and the linking parts, which obviously are a good part of the percentage of these more than three thousands of total travel. In the first, the cars reach top speed higher than 250 km/h, although by regulation are theoretically limited to 235 km/h.

If there was a word that Zanini repeated on several occasions during our pleasant chat was the Studebaker, possibly one of the cars most emblematic of this appointment. A beast with a V8 engine source Ford 6.0-liter capable to deliver 630 HP of power and reach a speed of 310 km/h. It was clear by the emotion of his words, that the Catalan driver wishes to return to the Pan and what you want to do behind the wheel of one of those north american models. There have already won men as Harri Rövanpera, Stig Blomqvist or Ricardo Triviño in addition to the participation of others such as Jo Ramirez, or the own Zanini

The edition of this year, played almost a month ago was dominated by one of the pilots of Oaxaca, Emilio Velazquez along with his co-driver, Javier Marín, precisely with one of those Studebaker Champion 1953 team MRCI and all this despite the problems of change that brought him head for a large part of the test. Again a good opportunity for enjoy the atmosphere of the races that pervades the Pan-american, which moves thousands of people and that sometimes drags fans who accompany the riders doing the whole tour with them to enjoy at the end of each stage. One of those careers that there are to see and live a once in a life

From here, thank you Alberto Alcocer “@beco” we wanted to give her images so that we can all enjoy the beauty of la Carrera Panamericana 2015. On their website you will be able to enjoy what we lived from within this year’s edition, as well as other samples of his art.