In-Competition: The cake, the F1 is not shared! The engine manufacturers will guarantee the continuity of the V6 turbo up to 2020

There is a quorum. After the threat of the FIA introduce a biker independent for teams with less skill or those who are not able to access any of the manufacturers available (as was almost the case of Red Bull for this 2016), Ferrari, Renault, Honda and Mercedes seem to have given his arm to twist. All this with the guarantee on the part of the International Federation of the current V6 Turbo are prolonged until at least 2020.

as reported by, it has come to this decision after the meetings conducted by the Strategy Group and the Commission of the Formula 1 in Geneva during the Monday and Tuesday. The basis of the agreement will be to reduce the maximum cost of sale on the part of manufacturers to 12 million euros that called for the FIA, something that Ferrari had refused in resounding to the time, alleging that the construction and development of the power units exceeds this figure, and therefore it is not profitable for them.

, however, does not introduce such rules or agreement immediately, but that will be in 2018 when it is implemented, once all the parts have been drawn up jointly by the regulations. One of the parts which will also undergo changes will be the limit of gearboxes that you can use every pilot season to only three. All this with the objective of reducing the maximum possible costs, and to allow manufacturers to have more margin with which to work.