In-Competition: The climb to the clouds: What makes it so special at Pikes Peak?

Have already spent more than two years since Sébastien Loeb broke up the timer in his Ascent to Pikes Peak together with Peugeot and Red Bull. A large part of the essence of the mythical race of the Colorado has been lost with the asphalting of a large part of the route, however, to face their more than 14 kilometres trying to lose the mythical barrier of 10 minutes and not to fall mountain, low in a festival of laps of bells and sounds iron twisted.

The versatile Jeff Zwart is one of the most experienced pilots that almost face year after year the Climb to Pikes Peak. Until 2015, the pilot trusted Porsche America had not yet made it down double digits. At age 60, Zwart got behind the wheel of your vitaminado 911 GT3 Turbo 800 HP, reducing in nearly 20 seconds of his previous record. Despite the asphalt, this is one of the years with the worst participation, the Ascent towards the clouds always has moments as magical as this: