In-Competition: The great day of Ferrari and a record that can be overcome

In 2016, Ferrari puts you on the track more engines than ever. The two official cars, we have to add the two Sauber, both Toro Rosso and the two of Haas, which gives a total of eight thrusters Italian in competition at the time. This allows you to consider a record that has state of be matched this year and that dates back to the Italian Grand Prix, 1960; the great day of Ferrari.

That day, Ferrari marked its all-time record of cars-and engines – in points with four and five respectively. Although to match the number of cars is impossible with a current policy that allows “only” two cars per team, the engine itself is achievable when there are eight engines Ferrari on the track in 2016. In fact, to day of today have been rated as five different drivers though never at the same time; the two Ferraris, the two Toro Rosso and one of the Haas.

In the Grand Prix of 1960, Phil Hill, Richie Ginther and Willy Mairesse cornered the podium, while Wolfgang von Trips was fifth. In the middle, Giulio Cabianca with a Cooper engine Castellotti was in fact a propellant Ferrari slightly modified. In 2016, Ferrari can count on the help of the Haas and Toro Rosso to beat the record, while Sauber can also be there. But what to put five cars in the top five -or four-as in Belgium in 1961 – because it seems more complicated.