In-Competition: The invaluable skill of Robby Gordon to get into all the trouble

Although I’m still mulling over the daunting situation after the last stage of the Dakar in 2016, we must make it clear that what happened during the dispute of the NORRA Mexican 1000 has little to do with one of the usual follies of Robby Grodon and yes it is very related to the questionable safety of the Lower american. But it is also worth noting the incredible facility that has the american to get in on all the jaleos.

last year because we emphasize his pique with Apdaly Lopez which ended with a spectator, reckless hit, and on this occasion is found again with other iols in the form of a pickup truck outside the race obstruyéndole step. We can say anything to Gordon, but it is clear that whenever it is in a race gives 100%, without knowing the meaning of the word conserve. Also I should clarify that I don’t agree with everyone who says that if it did not exist Robby would have to invent him. Your zero respect for road safety to my eclipsing his charisma and magnificence in competition.

On this occasion, the pick-up ended up capsizing, or fortunately-one was hurt no damage to material or personnel beyond an elongated mark of rubber on the side of what in Mexico is referred to as ‘cars chocolate’. Yes, again, once more patent in the lack of security in this type of events, as well as the lack of awareness and knowledge to the inhabitants of those areas of what a career means.