In-Competition: The new WRC 2017 generated many doubts among the pilots

Is made to wait, but in the end came the first discordant voices on the future of the World Rally championship with the new regulations technique which will come in 2017. Up to the time we had seen voices very positive between the drivers (Sébastien Ogier between them) and the leaders of the various teams (Jost Capito, Michel Nandan, the own Luis Moya…), but it seems that after the first tests, have begun to raise doubts the new World Rally Cars are what the Championship needs.

as stated in Autosport, some pilots have already begun to worry at the possibility that the new WRC are much faster thanks to the generation of greater aerodynamic load with elements like the front spoiler, larger diffuser and new wheel arches wider along with the new center differential:

In places such as Finland, the speed could be much higher. We could talk about half a minute less in the times of some of the sections. We have to think about what we’re going to do there. There are some places in the tour last year where you really do not want to go much faster.

in Addition to the new figures of power thanks to the new diameter for the flange of the turbo and the higher-downforce (there is talk that the cars are in the region of 400 BHP of power after the first tests), is also concerned that from the outside not to see a few cars more spectacular and instead of that feeling of going on rails, especially on asphalt, it can be even more patent. At least that denote the words of Jari-Matti Latvala, who has joined Marcus Gronholm by declaring that: “Maybe the cars could be too efficient? I don’t know”.

I like the power, that is good. The only thing I’m a bit scared is that the aerodynamics give the car much more grip, especially on asphalt. From the outside could cause the appearance of the piloting is a little less spectacular; the cars are not going to be more spectacular if they are going more seated on the floor.