In-Competition: the organization of The Dakar rally confirms the cancellation of the first stage

has Not begun in the best way this edition of the Dakar. A few weeks ago that the participants showed their concern for the way in which might affect you during the first few days the weather conditions for the race and so it has been. The organizers were expecting rain, but not with such intensity, with strong gusts of wind and electrical appliance, so that in the impossibility of flying with the helicopters and to ensure the integrity of the participants, it has been decided completely stopping the stage of the first stage linking Rosario and Villa Carlos Paz.

A decision that was taken after delay, on two occasions, half-hour the output among the participants of the bikes and then move them neutralized until CP1, where the ASO already expected that the conditions would be improved and could challenge for at least the last hundred kilometers of special. This was not so and while the drivers of cars were still facing the miles of binding on the motorway, the organisers of the Dakar confirmed the cancellation of the official first stage of the edition 2016.

All of this comes after the accident and outrage suffered by the pilot chinese private X-Raid, Guo Meiling, that fortunately only left four wounded of varying severity, but that obviously could reverse consequences much worse given the circumstances in which it occurred. A start very hectic for this edition, which on paper promises a lot. Let’s hope that tomorrow’s stage, which join Villa Carlos Paz and Termas de Rio Hondo is played without any major surprises. For now the forecasts in terms of the time continue to be thunderstorms for the whole week.

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