In-Competition: the story of The farmer, the rally car, and craft the sheep

is Not the first time that I talk of Andy Burton, and its special Peugeot 306. Although they eventually did not return to compete in a British Championship Rally that has reinvented itself after not being able to compete in 2015, this farmer who had the dream of planting face to the World Rally Cars with a car built in his barn (had a V6 engine Cosworth) continues to be a success of networks. More when we can see it doing its particular homage to the best Spanish couple that has gone through the World Rally championship, Carlos Sainz and Luis Moya.

All the world will remember the mishap of the by then Ford driver with a sheep in the Rally of New Zealand 1997, but even more so the reaction always spontaneous airbag gallego. On this occasion, we are talking about the Quinton Stages 2011 and fortunately, neither the zone (virtually impossible for Sainz to react to that speed and after a change of ground level) or the sheep were the same, having Andy Burton something more than luck that the spaniards that finally escaped them the victory in the appointment of ocean. The Peugeot was leaving that season of the competition being champion in the BTRDA.

Bonus video. Sainz-Moya, New Zealand 1997: