In Competition: These are 6 of the victories of the most unlikely of F1

To win in F1 there are that accomplish one of two things mainly. One of them is to be in the right team at the right time; the other is to be in the right place at the right time. Seem the same premise, but there is a nuance very interesting. We will start being good and with the understanding that all F1 driver holds a good amount of talentor at the wheel, and now we are in the case of a pilot at random is in the winning team (for example, Mercedes in 2015): it is highly likely that you get a victory in throughout the year. If that same pilot to put in a Force India, and highly unlikely to not be able to get or victory, or podium. But sometimes, the target is placed at the pilot concrete in the car mediocre, in the right place to get the win, well deserved as it consists in the annals of history. Let’s look at victories most fanciful and unexpected of the F1.

Alessandro Nannini takes the japanese GP of 1989 in the wake of the carambola, more famous

Senna-Prost-Cars-MP4-5-1989-Japan Alessandro Nannini rained from the sky a inesperadísima victory in the season 1989, when the duo of McLaren Honda dominated with a wide advantage over the rest of the grid. However, the rivalry between Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost was already living the most intense moments when you get to the GP of Japan, and the struggle of egos took ahead of an easy victory that he inherited immediately the Italian. Senna would continue on the track and replace the front wing in the pit lane, reaching more forward to Nannini and went first in goal, but as we know, dfue disqualified for skipping the chicane in the collision (!). It was his only victory in Formula 1, although that same season had another memorable performance to get a second in Adelaide, under torrential rain.

Damon Hill wins against all odds in the GP of Belgium with more scrap

Damon Hill Jordan 1998 Spa FrancorchampsTo root clash most famous between Michael Schumacher and David Coulthard, after which practically came to blows, Hill inherited the lead in the Belgian GP of 1998, which already had claimed 13 cars in the same output in one of the collisions in the biggest chain of the history of motorsport. This would be his last win in F1 and his last podium. During the race, the Hill spoke with Ralf Schumacher on the radio to indicate that you have not had to fight for position, so as to achieve a one-two that gave him 16 points on the team, points of incalculable value, and that provided the good of Eddie Jordan the best day of his career.

Jenson Button flipa with their first win in Hungary 2006

Jenson Button Honda Hungría 2006After 113 grands prix, Jenson Button got his first victory in Hungary, 2006. Jenson Button always seems to be at the cutting edge of the knife and, the more desperate you are, the better results it brings you fortune, or life. The one who follows it, gets it, and with this victory for Honda, Jenson Button had to find the necessary motivation to continue forward and become world champion in 2009, when a year before no one would give a hard for him. If some day we do a review of the race in F1 for Jenson, we will give an account of what is this pilot a reality.

The race is the likes Button: changing times, unique conditions, and much mess ahead. Button went fourth / tenth due to a penalty for something in the engine, and thanks to its capacity management was able to crown the one that was the first victory of his extensive sports career. On that occasion, or Alonso, or Schumacher managed to score. In that same race we saw the first laps epic Fernando Alonso (the first GP after the ban of the Mass Dumper); was the Grand Prize of the famous nut who left it lying; it was the Grand Prize in the Pedro de la Rosa finished second. Often Large Award was that.

Olivier Panis crown in the Monaco GP of 1996

Panis Monaco 1996If Jenson Button was an upset victory, by Olivier Panis in Monaco 1996, was no less so. That was another Grand Prix characterized by the abandonment, in which she ended up winning the least mishaps accumulated throughout the test. The rain capped off a frenchman in a French team in Monte Carlo. What more could you ask for?

Johnny Herbert gives the honour of the victory to Stewart GP at the Nürburgring, 1999

history of Stewart GP is singular. The triple world champion got his dream to have his own team, thanks to the support of the Ford motor Cosworth, and to the sponsors that trusted in him, and had a lineup of pilots solvent and with potential. At that time, Johnny Herbert brought with him the experience and Rubens Barrichello the potential. The season was not too bright in general terms, but in the Grand Prix of Europe the lucky one might ally with them, and would give Herbert a great victory, and Barrichello a third place in the drawer that he would know glory. Almost a doublet, and Stewart became one more notch in his belt, getting a victory as a team leader. Later he would sell the team for a good pinch, the computer would then Jaguar Racing, and would later be bought by a brand of energy drinks that he wanted to become hollow: Red Bull Racing.

This was another Grand Prix chaotic, in which each pilot who was leading the test had a problem that took them out of the first apposition.Up to six leaders had, and in the last few moments the best to chose the tyres, at the right time, it was Johnny Herbert. That was the Grand Prize in the Marc Gené achieved a point of incalculable value at the wheel of his limited Minardi.

Fisichella wins in Brazil, 2003, in the mess after the accident of Fernando Alonso

Fisichella 2003 BrasilThe accident what we all know: on lap 55, Mark Webber smashes his Jaguar against the wall and left the track full of broken pieces in the most rapid of the circuit; behind, Fernando Alonso goes with the pedal to the metal discussed on the radio with their engineers on tires or something similar, and you do not see the flags, impacting against a tire that could not prevent, to collide with great force against the barriers and get pretty sore and disoriented.

After the accident, it brought out a red flag and in Jordan they began to celebrate the victory because in the previous round, the 54, Fisichella had taken the lead of the test thanks to a mistake from Raikkonen. The commissioners, confused and with the urgency of deciding the winner for that you could celebrate the ceremony of the podium, considered the positions of the back 53 and gave the victory to Kimi Raikkonen. In addition, in the pitlane, the Jordan of Fisichella began to burn, which even confused her more staff. After clarified the matter, the victory passed into the hands of Fisichella, as before the red flag, Fisichella had started lap 56, with which the results to be considered were those of the pivot 54, and not the 53. Athletically, McLaren haven’t filed a complaint, and Raikkonen handed the trophy to the winner Fisichella in Italy, in Imola, five days later. It was his first victory, and the last of Jordan as a team.

Fisichella Raikkonen 2003