In Competition: These are the new additions to the Formula 1 in 2016

There will be too many changes, in what is expected to be with all of the law a season of transition it was the new technical regulations for 2017. At least in what concerns the exterior design and mechanically speaking the cars of this 2016 will not have many novelties. The main of them will be without a doubt the implementation of the second exhaust pipe (or a third party) with which it is treated to increase the sound produced by the V6 turbo to base to use its own path for the gas from the valve, wastegate of the turbo.

This amendment, which is expected to increase in some measure of the ‘noise’ produced by the current cars waiting to exit the new regulations from 2017 (that is not expected to change in the format of the thrusters), should not produce changes in power. In addition to the new sporting rules and the confusing rules of tires, the other novelty will be the to strengthen the lateral protection of the cockpit in order to increase the safety of the riders waiting for a decision about introducing or not the habitat closed. In addition, it is expected that the majority of the builders (among them Ferrari) opt for the design of morro short, which showed during 2015 to be the most competitive.