In-Competition: This Toyota Aygo, with just 70 HP, and its unassuming appearance, is the best way to get started in rally with your feet on the ground. And we have tested.

Without a doubt my second half of the year has been peculiar. After you sit in a World Rally Car for the Finnish forest in August, to fulfil one of my dreams to lead the legendary Mustang and even hartarme starts to skid on the ground with a Golf R awd 300 HP, I didn’t know what I was going to find in the test organized by the promoters of the Cup Kobe during the last Monday in the circuit property of Zarzuela Racing School located in Arroyomolinos.

What is certain is that just 70 BHP of power and the contained dimensions of the Toyota Aygo I was put in some other trouble, which confirmed what I wrote months ago: this is the best way to start with the feet on the ground. And is that despite its low power (it is not bad if we consider that low ton the weight of the assembly), to be talking of a car front-wheel-drive and inertia, and distance between axes in theory does not help when it starts to skid, the Aygo allowed you to learn more in a few minutes than other cars that other models with more resources.

Is that what you intended by those responsible for this initiative when they created. In the words of Alberto Dorsch, responsible of the Dealer to Kobe, it was sought to make a cup inspired in the past. The Panda Cup, the Challenge KA, even the Volant RACC or the current Stark Box or Dacia follow this same philosophy: to cars with little power, equality and mechanics that the pilots have to take the time for technique, instinct or value.

The Aygo is one of those cars that can be deceiving. With the invaluable advice of the champion madrid earth and pilot of the unit laboratory, Isaac Vera, you would find yourself in just a few corners by placing the small japanese model to hit left foot and the fun, in a closed circuit is multiplied exponentially. Obviously, when we had to sit in the seat of fear, the right, to see how it really is done, Isaac, we showed how to really take it to the limit and driving something a bit more dramatic that effective. It is precisely this last point should be taken into account.


In 2015 the confirmation, in 2016, the illusion:

Jose Calvar, winner of the first edition of the Cup Kobe assimilated very quickly that to leave the times had to draw cleanly as possible. Otherwise, the seconds will escape between the fingers of the hand and maybe let a smile among fans, but it will be impossible to fight for the top places in a category as competitive. In 2016 promises to be even more pressure, with the arrival of men such as Alberto Otero and the predictable continuity of some of the protagonists of the first edition, among which were Aritz Iriondo, Oscar Good (which is still closing the budget) or Javier Pardo.

it is Precisely the next campaign promises to be full of illusion. In Kobe have made a greater effort and have changed the Pirelli tires for some Michelin that allow any joy with the rear axle (making the car less understeer). Keeping on the role the program six tests framed within the CERT and with almost all of the 20 available units sold, the big news will be in the prizes. Isaac Vera is responsible for developing the Toyota Auris with turbo engine that is expected of around 140-155 BHP of power and will reward the winner of the Cup in 2016 in the form of program, semi-official for 2017 in 6 tests of the National Land.

Will be the second year of a project that was born with the aim of be to three years and that in 2015 had the confirmation of a job well done. Without hardly any specific preparation, and even with used tyres, the Aygo was able to stick on the asphalt with the Dacia Sandero with Eva Coasts at the wheel (co-pilot of Jose Calvar) in the past, RĂ­as Baixas, something that showed the quality of the product and the ability to take it to other grounds for which it was created. With a reliability impeccable throughout the season, has been without a doubt one of the revelations of the year and with the appeal of the Auris as a reward he promises to give us great moments in 2016.