In Competition: Unfortunate image of McLaren-Honda that only allows Fernando Alonso to complete a lap

The image of Fernando Alonso before the ceremony of the hymns, sitting with your feet up on another chair, suggested to him a feeling of tranquility somewhat anomalous. The spaniard knew something that the others do not. So it was. The McLaren-Honda was not going to pass the first round, as in the second I was going to have to take the road to the pits for a problem with the KERS which were already aware.

apparently, already during the qualifying session of yesterday the team detected some problems in the electrical portion of the power unit. In the review of this morning I discovered a serious problem in the KERS which there was no more time to be resolved, so that Alonso decided to go out to the track out of respect to the fans despite knowing that it only would last for a few kilometers in the race.

After a very good start, recovering between 5 and 6 positions on the first lap, the power came down and the champion of the World of Formula 1 was to take the road to the garage after telling his engineer, which showed no sign of surprise in his tone of voice. The return to the pit lane, has been virtually ‘sail’ with the bad news that Alonso premiered here engine and gearbox, but again the reliability has left the wealthy even more frustrated than I was.

Without declarations outside of the pot, no-fuss, only throwing the gloves to get out of the car, Fernando has content your discontent for what is possibly a meeting with the team in turmoil. We’ll see what ends all of this, but since then the hope that McLaren and Honda have a car competitive for 2016, and the smoke that many can sell, it will not hide the sun of this long winter that awaits them ahead.