“In Corleone makes it so”: A joke to demonstrate the qualities of the Škoda Karoq that offended the italians

A French publication describes in a video the Škoda Kodak as “An offer you can’t refuse.” With the soundtrack of “The Godfather”, the surprise on top when you open the trunk, which hides a surprise.

La French publication Auto Moto Magazine travelled to the town of Corleone in Italy in order to test the Škoda Karoq. In a video posted on its official Youtube channel, the French teach the capabilities of the SUV Czech and particularly the dimensions of the trunk…although in a peculiar way that managed to alienate the italians.

The video is recorded in the town of Corleone and as a soundtrack of the editors of Auto Moto Magazine opted for the unmistakable chords of “I Have But One Heart” composed by Nino Rota for the unforgettable movie “The Godfather” of Francis Ford Coppola.

The journalist through the streets of the city, and then begin to describe the details of your interior. But the real balances comes at a time when floor of the car and with the remote control opens the huge electric gate the Škoda Karoq, exposing a man bound and with his hands tied in the back. It is then when the journalist decides to describe the situation: “In Corleone it is customary to do so”.

But what began as an innocent joke ended in an international incident. The italians were offended by the tone of the joke, while the readers of the publication were also made to hear through the messages posted on social networks, until finally the French decided to check out the Youtube video.

The video outraged the senator Giuseppe Lumia, a member of the parliamentary committee antimafia, which for many years remained under escort due to the threats that he suffered. Lumia decided to take letters in the matter when you consider that he had crossed a boundary.

Even Škoda has had that decision and through a press release clarified that do not agree with the contents of the video, considering that may constitute a violation of civil law and criminal law or that go beyond the boundaries of the common morality.